Will Your Kids End Up Socially Inept if you Home School?

I remember when I told my Mum we were going to home school…

“He’ll end up a social leper.”

Thanks for the support, Mum.

But seriously, socialisation IS important. I know that it’s literally the FIRST thing most people mention when you talk to them about home schooling. And it’s a fair point.

I’m 42 and I’m still friends with people I met in Primary School. We make friends for life at school and when you’re home schooled you need access to your peers to form your own friend group.

Home schooled kids can feel isolated if they don’t have that support network and it doesn’t need to be other home schooled kids!

I talk about my own feelings towards socialisation and what I’ve done to make sure my kids don’t end up “social lepers” in today’s podcast epsiode.

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