Am I Home Schooling Right?!

On today’s episode of the podcast I’m talking about when I question whether I’m doing the right thing with home schooling or whether I’m even doing it ‘right’. It’s normal to question yourself. Home Schooling can feel very isolating and there’s no real way to know what other families are doing. We can compare our… Continue reading Am I Home Schooling Right?!

Will Your Kids End Up Socially Inept if you Home School?

I remember when I told my Mum we were going to home school… “He’ll end up a social leper.” Thanks for the support, Mum. But seriously, socialisation IS important. I know that it’s literally the FIRST thing most people mention when you talk to them about home schooling. And it’s a fair point. I’m 42… Continue reading Will Your Kids End Up Socially Inept if you Home School?


Welcome to the Mummy School Podcast. This is where I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on all things home schooling. In all honesty, a lot of the time I don’t feel good enough to be doing home schooling. I take a look at instagram and think every other home school mum is like a… Continue reading Welcome